Our Development Team – in house architects, interior designers and engineers bring considerable skill & insight to carving out truly unique structures. We are committed to developing environmentally friendly buildings, in agreement with international standards.

We are guided by the needs of our prospective tenants at every stage of the development process, from site analysis to project completion, with the objective of adding value and providing a good quality of life to the final users.

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Our Property Management Team oversees the maintenance of a wide range of properties from office buildings, retail shops at Conoil Mega Stations to luxury apartments pan-Nigeria. We leverage the experience of our team to provide expert advice on properties in line with prospect’s requirements and manage the life cycle of our properties with the aim of facilitating an increase in property portfolio profitability.

We offer competitive rates and our expanding client list includes blue-chip companies, high net-worth individuals, government agencies, parastatals and co-operative societies.

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At Cobble-Stone, we undertake project management services, coordinating activities throughout the lifecycle of the projectmanaging all pre-development work, project execution and delivery.

The fundamentals of our project management process include the reduction of technical risks, preventing construction errors, budget control and ensuring timely project completion. In addition, we ensure our projects meet all applicable regulatory requirements and work is executed with the best available equipment.