Top 5 Places in Africa to Spend The Christmas Holidays

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Are you planning a vacation and wondering about the right place, with the right weather, great food and activities to enjoy with your friends and loved ones? There are so many amazing holiday destinations within the African continent. Let us show you our top 5 picks in no particular order.

  1. Kenya

Where else in Africa are you likely to experience some of the most quintessential safaris in the continent? Kenya is home to the world’s only game reserve located within a major city, the Nairobi National Park.  You could steal some escape into the clear, sandy beaches of Mombasa for wind-surfing, water skiing or snorkeling. And should you have taste for amazing cuisines, riveting night life and cultural delights, Kenya is a destination where you experience more and even more.

2. Cape Town, South Africa

Seated between the sea and a sprawling enclave of mountains, Cape Town oozes a seductive aura that is hard to resist.  And when you finally plunge deep into its well-cobbled sights, pristine beaches and jaw-dropping monuments, you could go on and on, struggling to contain your awe and excitement.

On the crest of its rugged mountains, you can steal a panoramic view of some of South Africa’s most impressive sights ranging from the Atlantic to the magical beaches bordered by plateaus and low-lying rocks. For a city that prides itself as the oldest European settlement in Africa, Cape Town is regarded as one of the most visited cities in Africa.

3. Morocco

Unknown to most travelers, Morocco is one destination where the conversation of travel never stops. With mesmerizing coastlines, sprawling mountains and deserts, Morocco is a perfect mix of both African and Arab cultures, tastefully knitted to offer some of the most memorable travel experiences the world has ever known.

From the medieval grandeur of Fez to the wonders of snake-charmers in Marrakech and the absorbing calm of Essouria, Morocco is a destination that should be top on your list as you plan your vacation this Christmas.

4. Rwanda

Rwanda is not only the city of a thousand hills, but it’s also a nicely-carved hub of a thousand and one thrills. Though small, and with an estimated population of nearly 12 million people, what Rwanda lacks in population figures, it makes up for its imposing cultural and historical heritage preserved through several civilizations.

Often underrated by many travel advisors, Rwanda is a must-see destination for anyone who appreciates historical marvels, and the Kigali Memorial Centre is one place where you are likely to come face to face with that rich history.

5. Seychelles

Sometimes, your best vacations happen in seemingly detached destinations; quiet and far removed from the bustle in big cities. After months of toiling through cubicles and corner offices, it’s only fair to opt for a soothing and calm getaway in the natural ambiance of this archipelago.

So, go to Seychelles and explore everything virgin and unspoiled – from clear, stunning beaches to tropical islands and littoral sand cays.

Break out of your routine this yuletide and plan to experience Africa anew.